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Quality guarantee

Quality policy:
● strengthening internal management to ensure product quality
● continue to improve performance, the pursuit of customer satisfaction
● services to protect customers and realize business value
Control methods:
The company has passed ISO9001: 2008 version of the quality assurance system certification, and the normal operation of the company, the company from material procurement, external cooperation supporting the production process, to delivery, are equipped with full-time of purchase, process, final inspection, and established a quality and timely feedback of information processing mechanism, the quality of prevention and quality control, in combination, the company has configured a more complete range of physical and chemical testing equipment and instruments, can be controlled to ensure the quality of various products in a state of complete production and delivery.
● salt spray test: salt spray test is to test the main corrosion resistance after surface treatment, the general test conditions of temperature 35 ℃, continuous spray 24H;
● Projector: The main test whether the products conform to the design of irregular size requirements, such as tile and other shaped products;
● PCT test: for testing products in the corrosion resistance under high temperature and pressure. General pressure test conditions of 2 atmospheres, the temperature 120 ℃;
● constant temperature and humidity test: the main test products in the corrosion resistance under constant temperature and humidity. Test conditions the temperature 80 ℃, humidity 90% + / -3%;
● magnetic detector: to detect magnetic properties. Including remanence, intrinsic coercivity, the maximum magnetic energy product and other related parameters.

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