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notice for use
Material Properties
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● How to choose
When in use magnets to consider the following factors:
1) magnetic properties (magnetic size);
2) The maximum operating temperature;
3) material costs;
4) corrosion resistance;
5) the stability and consistency;
6) The shape, size and accuracy of the weight restrictions.
High energy product magnets: the magnetic field applied to produce a strong field gap;
High-coercivity magnets: For areas that require thin;
High-temperature magnets: apply to areas of higher temperature;
High temperature low temperature coefficient of the magnet: for applications that require temperature variation of magnetic field is very small.
● magnetic material prices are generally affected by several factors the following:
1) raw materials;
2) the magnetic energy (grade) requirements;
3) the difficulty of processing (shape, size, precision);
4) Surface treatment requirements;
5) other special requirements.
● magnet use, keep the attention of:
1) The use of magnets in the magnetizing process, the magnets must be fixed well to prevent the magnets flying out of, or damage caused by collision with each other. Large magnet on the other magnets and just experience a very strong appeal, may lead to mechanical damage;
2) If the magnetic field when magnetized magnetizing method is not enough or not, may cause the actual performance of the magnet not meet the relevant requirements; specific matters can be resolved with the company contact;
3) The injured eye;
4) Different magnet for different reaction temperatures, low coercivity magnets in the more significant performance degradation when heated, please refer to the temperature characteristics of indicators or contact the Division;
5) In the course of the use and storage to avoid moisture, acid (base) and other corrosive environments, to avoid magnet appearance, physical properties, or magnetic changes;
6) Do not charge a good close to the magnet magnetic magnetic recorder (such as disks, books, sex with a card) and electronic equipment, household electrical appliances on the magnetic devices (such as hard drives), monitor, control loop.

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