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● NdFeB (Nd2Fe14B) by the metal neodymium, iron, boron and other trace elements, is developed in the twentieth century s undertaking of 80 years three generations of rare earth permanent magnet materials, because the highest energy product called the magnet material in "Magnetic king." In accordance with the production process were divided into NdFeB (Sintered NdFeB) and bonded NdFeB (Bonded NdFeB); processing generally square shape (length, width 0.8mm-100mm, length of magnetization direction of 0.8mm-25mm), round shaped and circular (diameter 1.0mm-50mm, diameter 1.0mm-45mm, height 0.8mm-34mm), Swiss company can process magnetic tile type, spherical and irregular different line; for NdFeB (NdFeB) poor corrosion resistance the need for surface coating, according to customer needs gold (Au), zinc (Zn), Nickel (Ni) and epoxy resin (EPOXY); annual capacity of 500 tons.

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● NdFeB magnetic table

● Bonded NdFeB magnetic table



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